Neth Story episode 1 - 4

2013-02-16 05:59:56 by IwzArt

Hello fans!

Neth Story episode 1 /4 will be on newgrounds soon! It's the previous episode from my Neth Story V - Teaser. I hope you'll enjoy the story/ animation! The 4 episodes is animated with a mouse. After I completed the 4th episode I bought a tablet ( 1 - 2 years ago ) I hope you'll enjoy episode 5 aswell. The episode will be done this summer or end 2013! In that time you'll see other animations of me aswell. 2D as 3D. Thanks!

Neth Story:
Episode 1: Betrayed
Episode 2: Trust
Episode 3: The beginning
Episode 4: The Two Sides
Episode 5: (in progress)


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