2D Flash Animation project

2013-02-12 09:03:24 by IwzArt

I'm making my own flash animation series. It's called 'Neth Story'.

Neth Story,

After a betrayal and crimes of Gray on planet Tentumius the king 'Karzei' died in a fight with Gray. All civilians of planet Tentumius had no idea what was going on. Gray was always so kind to others, he was a good civilian.

Gray vanished after the fight and he was was never found.

They pointed Alognus as their new king, because he is known as the last hero on their planet. But he refused. He refused, because he couldn't handle the rol as king after his own son 'Gray' betrayed their planet.

Alognus told to the civilians that they had to choose his good friend 'Zerick'. He is always kind, he is strong and his intellect was good. Zerick became that day the king of planet Tentumius.

Neth were born 3 weeks later. Alognus and Carla were happy with their new child and slowly forgets the deeds from 'Gray'.

And here is where Neth Story starts....

2D Flash Animation project


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